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1950 - Present Day

In 1950 a new company took over the contract for supplying post boxes and is still supplying them till this day, the foundry Dejoie situated in Nantes. These boxes have the year of manufacture cast into the side.


Type 1


These boxes were made of cast aluminium and had sliding Bakelite indicators for the day and time of the next collection situated on the inside of the door. The first boxes had a similar design to the preceding cast iron Foulon boxes, except that the flap was hinged on the inside of the door instead of outside, which had been the case of the Delachanal and Foulon boxes, and was made of a plain piece of stainless steel. The word “Postes” was moved onto the door. These boxes were the same colour as the earlier boxes with white or orange highlighting and existed in four sizes: Paris station, medium, small and a deeper cube shaped box which was pedestal mounted. The three smaller boxes used the same sized door, the pedestal and station models were made of cast iron. Most models could be wall mounted or on a pedestal.


1950 - 1959 Type 1 Small Size

1950 - 1959 Type 1 Medium Size

Type 2


In 1960 the box was modified to remove the Bakelite strips which were frequently malfunctioning due to water ingress. The words on the door were modified to instruct the user to consult the attached plate for information on collection times. In all other ways the boxes were identical to the earlier model. This was a temporary modification and only existed for two years making these boxes now quite rare.


1960 - 1961 Type 2 Small Size

1960 - 1961 Type 2 Medium Size

Type 3


This also came into service in 1960. It is a large sized box with one or two posting apertures with a plaque under each stating the destination. They were painted orange/yellow and had the word “Postes” moved above the door between the two RF symbols. The boxes could be pedestal or wall mounted. The earlier models of the double version bear the inscription below the door “Ne Pas Jeter De Journaux Dans Cette Boîte” whereas later models have “ Ne Jeter Dans Cette Boite Ni Grosses Lettres Ni Imprimés”.


1960 Type 3 Single Aperture

1960 Type 3 Double Aperture on Base

Type 4


In 1962 a new model came into production. The first few years the boxes were painted in an orange yellow but soon adopted the daffodil yellow colour with blue highlighting, which is still used today. They were manufactured in four sizes: Paris station, large, medium and small. These boxes were similar in design to the type 2, except the Post Office’s symbol of a blue bird/arrow was introduced above the door between the two RF initials. The small and medium sized boxes initially used the same door as the type 2 boxes, but shortly afterwards the aperture width was increased from 160mm to 180mm. These two sizes of boxes originally had the steel back plate bolted on, using lugs that were cast onto the side of the box, but later in the production period these were replaced by strips of angled steel which were bonded to the sides of the box, and had holes drilled through them for attaching the back plate. The final version of the medium box has a much larger door with corresponding larger posting aperture. The large box had the same dimensions as the single aperture type 3. The large and medium boxes could be pedestal mounted as well as wall mounted. The medium sized box also existed in a four sided version especially for mounting on a pedestal. The text at the bottom of the front under the door was modified during the period this box was manufactured. Initially it read “Ne Pas Jeter De Journaux Dans Cette Boîte”, and later became “Ne Pas Déposer De Journaux Dans Cette Boîte”.


1962 - 1985 Type 4 Medium Size

Large & Small Apertures

1962 - 1985 Type 4 Medium Size

Large Door

1962 - 1985 Type 4 Large Size on Base with New & Old Text


Type 5


These boxes were again modified in 1985. The small  and station models were discontinued, and the two remaining sizes no longer had the details in relief “RF Postes and the arrow symbol”. These were replaced by a transfer stating “La Poste” followed by the arrow symbol. The borders and information about letter sizes accepted were no longer highlighted in blue.


1985 Type 5 Medium Size

1985 Type 5 Large Size

Types 6 & 7


A modification of the type 5, the medium sized box, was discontinued and the information about letter sizes in relief on the front was removed. More recent models have the new oval logo of the post office on the door instead of above the door, and a horizontal collection plate. The aperture was also modified from 270mm found on the type 5 to 325mm.


Type 6  Large Size

Type 7  Large Size

Type 1 & 4 Boxes on Bases

Type 2 Paris Station Box